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The ultimate in Girl Power!

Rachel, Skylar, Caitlin, Beth and Bethany are all eighteen, immortal and can fly.

But that is where the similarities end for these five forever teenage girls. They were each chosen before birth and destined to become part of the Immortal Girls, put together by their immortal parents, Isabelle and Alistair, to save humanity from itself
when needed.

Their story takes you from 1000AD all the way to present day New York, where the chosen five girls come together slowly through the centuries to form the strongest bond the earth has ever known. Suddenly, they are faced with the biggest threat of their immortal lives. It comes in the form of a secretive scientific research company called Forever Genetics and its brilliant, but unstable CEO, Christian Gruber. Using escaped prisoners that his company set up, he is planning on building an immortal army and taking out the Immortal Girls once and for all.

Being immortal is not forever, neither is survival…


“My father once told me

a story that I have never forgotten and will always live by. He told me that people are separated into three different groups;
Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs.
“The sheep represent the general population of the world.
“The wolves are the people who attack the sheep and bully them for sport.
“Now, the sheepdogs are the rarest of the three categories. This is because they are the protectors of the sheep from the wolves.
They step in when they see injustice and are the ones who help keep peace in the world.
“You and your sisters, Rachel, are Sheepdogs.”


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